“My problem, is that I study, study, study, but I don’t revise, revise, revise! Feel me?”

It is hard to point out when I kicked off with the first step towards my DDS journey. Was it the day I decided I wanted to continue my journey after BDS in the…

“We are always told what to study, but are never taught How to study!”

Being a self-help book reader, I have devoured tons of books which include — How to study, 10 tricks brilliant students don’t tell you, how to manage time, how to achieve your goals and so many…

My flight experience during Pandemic 2020

Picture credit: Pintrest
Picture courtesy: Pinterest

I closed my eyes, overwhelmed with the entire screening procedure at the airport, ready for the 17 hours of flight from New Delhi to Newark and the upcoming 3 months. …

Hand-in hand: Volunteering and Personality Development

Volunteers- Free gifts to the community

Volunteering is any compassionate activity done for an individual, community or the country. It can be as simple as helping out our friends and family on daily basis, to giving your spirit-full services on a larger scale. …

Should I travel?

How should I travel?

Are we ready to travel?

Impact of COVID-19 on our lives has been huge, it has affected the core systems of our life in both, major as well as minor aspects. …

“Pros and Cons of the current education system”

Having an immense sense of pride in the education I’ve received here in my country, India, I’m an aspiring Dental student, looking forward to continuing my further studies abroad. Throughout my years of education in India, I’ve come across a lot of…

Introspection. More Introspection.

“ We’re not in the same boat, but we’re all in the same Storm”

Lockdown has had a diverse effect on Young minds. While some took this as an opportunity to open their “Things I’ll do when I have a lot of time for myself” folder of their lives, a…

That’s how elated I was in the snow

I close my eyes, go back to the 5th of March, 2018, the “Brahmatal Trek”. We hiked to the first camp while it was drizzling, first time wearing a Poncho, only to realize how suffocating it gets, I’d rather get wet, and why not?! “ I love rains” I told…


Creating beautiful smiles, as a Dentist, an Artist, and a lot in between. A freelance content writer, a thinker, and an amateur entrepreneur!

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